Manhattan Root Canals

If you experience constant tooth pain, have swollen gums, feel sharp pain when biting, and have tooth sensitivity, you may need a root canal. While this treatment may seem intimidating, the procedure aims to relieve pain and restore your teeth’s functionality. If bacteria has invaded the center or pulp of the tooth due to decay or trauma, a root canal removes the bacteria, cleans the tooth, and seals it to prevent future damage. If you have tooth decay symptoms or a damaged tooth from an accident, our experienced team at Parsons Smile Center is here to help.

Dr. Fady Salha has 30 years of experience providing unmatched dental services to Manhattan patients. He works one-on-one with every patient, so you can trust us to give you the individualized attention and treatment you deserve. We carefully and closely examine the severity of your issue and determine if a root canal is the proper treatment that will give you your smile and alleviate your pain. In our comfortable offices, we use the latest technologies and techniques while putting your health and safety first, so you can rest assured you are in the right hands.

What to Expect During the Root Canal Process

If you need a root canal, you may worry about what the process entails, if you’ll feel any pain, and how long recovery will take. With our team by your side, you always know what to expect and have support before, during, and after treatment.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

While you may have heard a root canal is a painful procedure, this is not the case. Instead, root canals relieve the pain that tooth decay or trauma causes. Our experienced team uses anesthesia to numb the tooth during a root canal to make the procedure as painless as possible. You may experience some mild discomfort after a root canal, but it can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications and only lasts a few days.

5 Steps of the Root Canal Procedure

Before determining if a root canal is right for you, we will closely assess X-rays of the affected tooth to understand the extent of the damage. Then, we will proceed with the procedure, which involves the following steps:

  • Anesthesia: Before beginning the root canal treatment, we give local anesthesia to the affected tooth to numb the area. The type of anesthesia we use depends on your health history and comfort level.
  • Access pulp: To access the inside of the infected tooth, we place a dental dam over the area to isolate the tooth and keep it dry. Then, we make a small opening in the crown.
  • Remove pulp: Through the small hole in the crown, we use dental instruments to remove the blood vessels, nerves, and tissues from inside the tooth.
  • Canal shaping and sealing: After pulp removal, we clean, disinfect, and shape the root canals. Then, we fill them and seal the tooth with a filling to prevent bacteria re-entry.
  • Restoration placement: You may need a dental crown to restore your tooth’s functionality and appearance. This custom-made cap fits over your tooth and blends in with your smile.

After the procedure, you may feel slight sensitivity in the affected tooth, but this symptom should go away in a few days. Many people return to work and school quickly, and recovery should take about a week.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Root Canal at Parsons Smile Center?

If you have an infected tooth or broken one in an accident, you may wonder why a root canal would be better than a tooth extraction. Our knowledgeable team can answer your questions about the benefits of tooth canal therapy, which include the following:

  • Prevents tooth loss and preserves your natural teeth arrangement
  • Prevents infection from spreading to neighboring teeth
  • Improves the appearance of your tooth
  • Alleviates the painful symptoms of the infected tooth
  • Reduces risk of jawbone damage by preserving the natural tooth
  • Keeps teeth in good condition and improves oral health

Root canals will safely eliminate tooth pain and restore your healthy smile. When you choose root canal therapy, you will avoid more expensive dental work down the road. Throughout your root canal treatment, we take a gentle approach and keep your preferences in mind, giving you a stress-free, seamless experience.

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If you notice signs of tooth decay, it’s crucial to act quickly to prevent infection from spreading deeper and to other teeth. With our professional team at Parsons Smile Center in Manhattan and our top-tier root canal therapy services, you can return to enjoying life and having a healthy smile. While a root canal may seem daunting, it can relieve your pain and prevent bacteria from re-entering your tooth, which can save you time and money later.

Dr. Salha strives to leave you satisfied with your smile as quickly as possible by staying laser-focused on your personalized treatment every step of the way. To learn more about root canals or other treatment options, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (212) 223-5100 to schedule a consultation.