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The Important Difference Between General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

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When you see your general dentist, they focus on your teeth’s health and provide preventative care. However, you may need to see another type of dentist depending on your goals for your smile. For example, if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, you may see a cosmetic dentist, a specialist that works on improving your smile’s aesthetics. You may need help from both types of dentists, depending on your unique condition. Regardless of what kind of dentist you need, you deserve top-notch care from a team you can trust.

At Parsons Smile Center, we have years of experience providing unmatched general and cosmetic dental services to New York patients. We strive to improve your teeth’s health while renewing your confidence in your smile. In our relaxing and comfortable facilities, we implement the latest technologies and techniques to ease your worries and prioritize your health and safety. With our compassionate team communicating with you every step of the way, you can better understand your condition and always know what to expect.

What’s the Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Because healthy teeth often have an aesthetic appearance, general and cosmetic dentists share certain similarities. They can do fillings, crowns, cleanings, and perform general checkups. However, these areas of dentistry also have their fundamental differences, which include the following:


While a cosmetic dentist receives similar training to a general dentist, they receive specialized education on improving the teeth’s appearance. This may involve getting extra degrees and licenses a general dentist would not need. Additionally, a general dentist may have the training to perform procedures cosmetic dentists cannot, including root canals.


This difference in training affects the focus on each type of dentist. For example, if you have a cavity and need a filling, a general dentist will focus on your tooth’s health and strength by applying a metal filling.

A cosmetic dentist would still remove the infection, but they use a tooth-colored resin to fill the gap so it blends in with your natural teeth. In this way, cosmetic dentistry focuses more on the surface of the tooth instead of the structure, and general dentists focus on keeping the teeth and gums healthy.


With these differing focuses and training, general and cosmetic dentists perform different services unique to their field. For instance, cosmetic dentists can help improve the look of your smile with the following:

On the other hand, general dentists offer a wide range of services that help manage your oral health, including the following:

If you are unsure if you need to see a general or cosmetic dentist, our knowledgeable team at Parsons Smile Center offers both types of dentistry. We can help you determine which type of services you need to achieve a healthy, visually appealing smile. With our personalized approach, we create a custom plan tailored to your needs and goals, which may include general and cosmetic dental services.

Schedule a Consultation With a Trusted Professional at Parsons Smile Center in New York

When researching dental services or talking with friends and family, you may hear about general and cosmetic dentistry but not know the difference between the two. While both types of dentists can help improve your smile, those in these areas receive different training and focus on different aspects of oral health. At Parsons Smile Center, we help you understand the type of services you need to achieve the smile of your dreams.

With 30 years of experience working in New York City dentistry, Dr. Fady Salha is committed to providing high-quality care for patients and renewing their confidence in their smiles. Our caring team understands seeing a dentist may feel daunting, so we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. Whether you need to see one of our general or cosmetic dentists, you can rest assured you are in the right hands. To schedule your initial consultation, call us at (212) 223-5100 or fill out our contact form.


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