Professional Teeth Whitening in Flushing

Bright white teeth exude confidence, health, happiness, and success like nothing else can, making you more noticeable and memorable. NYC dentist Dr. Salha can quickly and professionally whiten your teeth for that great smile you’ve always wanted. Masks are off. So go out and stun everybody with your brilliant smile!

Teeth Whitening CONTENT

DIY vs Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening in Flushing, NY, it’s essential to use a safe formula professionally customized to meet your needs. Over-the-counter solutions are less effective and can even lead to harmful gum and tooth sensitivity.

The good news is that it’s so easy to get professional tooth whitening at Parsons Smile Center in Flushing. We use the latest techniques to deeply whiten your teeth, and after just one hour of relaxing treatment, you’ll enjoy beautiful white teeth for years to come!


How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

The amazing ZOOM! Teeth-Whitening system can turn your smile from dull to stunning a single hour. You can expect to achieve white teeth that are about ten shades brighter than before!

What is the Teeth-Whitening Process?

Before the teeth-whitening process, Dr. Salha will apply a protective gel to your gums and lips. He’ll ask you about any sensitivity so we can ensure maximum comfort.

Now comes the best part! The powerful ZOOM! gel and its special laser lamp will remove discoloration and stains from your teeth. At the end of your procedure, we’ll apply a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from sensitivity.

Get your best smile. boost your confidence, and command any room with your winning grin. Schedule your teeth whitening consultation today!