If you have damaged or missing teeth, you may feel insecure about your smile and avoid showing it off when taking pictures or talking to people. You may also feel pain in the affected area, preventing you from enjoying foods you love. You deserve to have a smile you love and a trustworthy dentist that will work hard to relieve your discomfort and help you get back to your life. At Parsons Smile Center in Flushing, Queens, we strive to help your smile become the healthiest and most attractive it can be with restorative dentistry.

Dr. Fady Salha has over 30 years of experience providing top-notch dental services to patients in Flushing, so you can trust us to find a treatment plan that works for you. We are laser-focused on you and your unique needs throughout your treatment, giving you the care and attention you deserve. Our compassionate team understands dental treatment can be nerve-wracking, so we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and safe, whether you need a filling or a full-arch teeth replacement. Furthermore, with our open and honest communication, you can fully understand your condition and what type of dental restoration is right for you.


4 Types of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing and replacing teeth to improve oral health and functionality. If you have tooth decay, damaged teeth, or missing teeth, dental restoration can give you the best chance of having a long-lasting healthy smile. This type of dentistry can also help improve your chewing, speaking, and eating abilities. Depending on your condition and goals for your teeth, we recommend one of the following dental restorations:

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns or caps fit over a broken tooth or large cavity to improve its appearance and strength. When placing a crown, we remove a small amount of your natural enamel to make room for the cap. Additionally, crowns look and feel like your natural teeth, making them comfortable for patients who need them.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a set of artificial teeth with crowns on one or both sides that replace one or a row of missing teeth. This appliance can help maintain the youthful shape of your face and allow you to chew, smile, and speak with ease. To place the bridge, we remove a small amount of enamel from one or both teeth on either side of the gap, bond the crowns to the natural teeth, and allow the artificial teeth to fill the space.


If you have a small cavity, we may repair it with a dental filling. During this routine procedure, we remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill in the hole with a natural-looking filling material. This helps prevent future damage and stops the tooth decay from worsening.

Full-Arch Teeth Replacement

Implants are the foundation for several innovative procedures for replacing teeth. Small titanium screws surgically implanted into the jawbone can support a variety of teeth replacement options, including the latest and greatest denture alternatives, All-on-4 and All-on-6. These teeth replacements offer patients the following benefits:

  • Fill the gaps in your smile to give you a confident smile
  • Protect your jaw from deterioration and TMJ pain
  • Safeguard the structure of the face and prevent premature aging
  • Remain securely in place

Many patients prefer implant dentures over traditional dentures because it is the most stable way to replace missing teeth.

Why Choose Parsons Smile Center?

Seeing a dentist for dental restoration can be overwhelming, but with the right team by your side, you can feel comfortable and safe. At Parsons Smile Center in Flushing, Queens, we always prioritize your best interests, comfort, and safety. In addition, we offer patients the following benefits with our unmatched services:

  • Single-day service: We complete your dental restoration in a single day so that you can leave our offices with a brand-new smile and renewed confidence.
  • Dedication: Dr. Salha treats one patient at a time to give the proper attention and treatment and ensure their needs are met.
  • Updated facilities: In our Flushing offices, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and the latest methodologies to ensure you always receive the best care.
  • Positive reviews: In Dr. Salha’s decades of experience, he has left many patients satisfied with their smiles, which is reflected in our reviews and testimonials.

Our skilled team can help with any dental restoration, regardless of the damage’s extent. After your initial consultation, we develop a personalized treatment plan and support you before, during, and after the procedure so you always know what to expect.

Schedule a Consultation With a Trusted Restorative Dentist at Parsons Smile Center in Flushing, Queens

Broken, decayed, and missing teeth can all be transformed with restorative dentistry in Flushing, NY. Our Flushing, Queens team at Parsons Smile Center can help you achieve a perfect smile in a comfortable environment with focused, one-on-one care. This way, you can have a stress-free experience while we handle your treatment professionally and with the utmost attention.

Dr. Salha is proud to provide full-mouth reconstruction to his patients who need several procedures to change their smiles. Full-mouth reconstruction combines various techniques to restore your teeth’s look and function.

No matter your circumstances, we work hard to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To learn more about restorative dentistry in Flushing NY, call us at (718) 939-0862 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.