Restorative Dentistry

get denture implants at our restorative dentistry in Flushing, NY

Denture Implants at our Restorative Dentistry in Flushing

You don’t have to feel insecure about your smile, and you definitely don’t have to live with tooth or jaw pain. Restorative dentistry can help your smile become the healthiest and most attractive it can be. If you have missing, broken, or decayed teeth, we have a treatment that will reverse the problem.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Salha and his team can give you a tooth-colored dental crown that strengthens the smile and improves its appearance. Dental crowns are designed to cover and support teeth that have been damaged. The best news is that your tooth crown can look and feel exactly like a natural tooth.

If you are missing teeth, you can fill in the gaps with a dental bridge. Dental bridges will help you maintain the youthful shape of your face. This basic restorative dentistry treatment will allow you to chew and speak with ease.

Dr. Salha, you are by far the best dentist in the world in my opinion. The service at this office is superb. I am always seen on time and the staff is very welcoming. I actually ENJOY going to the dentist which is RARE! Thank you Parsons Smile Center for making this experience a pleasant one.

Denture Implants for Missing Teeth

visit our restorative dentistry if you are missing teeth near Whitestone or College PointDenture implants are an innovative way to replace missing teeth. These small titanium rods will:

  • Fill in the gaps of your smile to give you a confident grin
  • Protect the jaw from deterioration and TMJ pain
  • Safeguard the structure of the face and prevent premature aging
  • Remain securely in place during chewing and speaking

We can restore your dental implants with dental crowns or bridges. If multiple tooth replacement is in your future, you might consider denture implants. Denture implants involve securing a full or partial denture to a few dental implants.

Many patients prefer denture implants over traditional dentures. This restorative dentistry option is the most stable way to replace missing teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Salha is proud to provide full mouth reconstruction to his patients who need several procedures to change their smile. Full mouth reconstruction combines various techniques to restore both the look and function of your teeth.

Broken, decayed, and missing teeth can all be transformed with restorative dentistry. We can help you achieve a perfect smile in a comfortable environment. Call Parsons Smile Center today.

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