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Why It’s Important to Deal with a Dental Emergency Immediately

When you are hurt or feel sick, you see your doctor or seek emergency care. The same path for treatment should apply for your teeth as well. If you feel pain or suffer trauma to your mouth or jaw, it is critical to seek immediate dental treatment. This helps save your natural teeth, relieve your pain, reduce your risk of infection, and save you money from more extensive treatment in the future. In these cases, having an emergency dentist you can trust can help alleviate your stress and get the care you need quickly.

At Parsons Smile Center, we offer patients unmatched emergency dental services. With our 30 years of experience and special hours on evenings and weekends, you can receive the personalized treatment you need to restore your smile. Dr. Fady Salha takes a one-on-one approach with every patient, ensuring they do not feel rushed. We always prioritize your health, safety, and comfort, going above and beyond to keep you relaxed and informed about your treatment.

4 Reasons to Handle a Dental Emergency Right Away

After an accident, injury, or experiencing abnormal symptoms, you may assume your dental problems will heal on their own, but this is not always the case. Prolonging treatment in these cases may even make your condition worse. Therefore, it is essential to deal with dental emergencies as soon as possible for the following reasons:

Saving Your Teeth

If you have lost a tooth or experience symptoms like pain, swelling, or bleeding, seeking immediate dental treatment can help repair and save your natural tooth. We can even reinsert knocked-out teeth if they were preserved in milk or repositioned into the socket. In these cases, waiting to see an emergency dentist may prevent the tooth from being reinserted or require more complex treatment.

Alleviating Pain

Dental emergencies often involve a lot of pain and discomfort, which you don’t deserve to suffer through. When working with our emergency dentists, we can provide medication suggestions, prescriptions, and treatment to minimize your discomfort.

Reducing Infection Risk

With any type of dental emergency, infection is always a concern. They can spread quickly and cause other problems that further impact your oral health. Immediate emergency care can prevent the infection from worsening.

Saving Money

Prolonging emergency dental care may only make your condition worse. For example, if you need a filling or a crown but do not treat the issue, you may end up needing more extensive and costly treatment, like a root canal or tooth extraction. Therefore, seeking immediate care is a more cost-effective way to treat your concerns.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

Even if you understand the importance of seeking emergency dental care, knowing what constitutes an emergency can be challenging. If you experience the following symptoms or issues, our emergency dentist at Parsons Smile Center can provide treatment right away:

  • Swelling of the gums
  • Chipped, broken, loose, or knocked-out teeth
  • An abscess, which is an infection that occurs around the tooth root and between the teeth and gums
  • A lost filling or crown
  • Trauma to the lips, mouth, or jaw
  • Unusual or abnormal bleeding after a tooth extraction

At Parsons Smile Center, we are here to help with all your emergency dental needs. Our prompt and professional services can address your issues quickly so you can go back to feeling comfortable and confident in your smile.

Contact the Skilled Team at Parsons Smile Center for Emergency Dental Services

Having a dental emergency can be an overwhelming experience, but with the care and attention of an experienced dentist, you can get the treatment you need to start recovery. At Parsons Smile Center, we always put our patients first, focusing on one at a time to provide the services and results they deserve.

Our compassionate team understands the pain and stress of a dental emergency, so we take the time to thoroughly examine your teeth and develop a customized plan to alleviate your discomfort and calm your nerves. To seek emergency dental services today, call us at (212) 223-5100 or fill out our contact form.


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