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Fantastic Dentist Experience

I  thank you for a beautiful smile
I thank you for your total professionalism in not taking the easier route when it was an option.
I thank you for providing me an almost pain free experience.
I thank you speaking to my cardiologist to make sure my experience would not lead to unknown complications.
I thank you for always calling me to make sure I was in no pain.
I thank you for having a well trained staff to assist.
Most of all, you are a terrific practitioner of your craft. I was so lucky to have been your patient.

Best experience ever while receiving four implant to hold a full upper and lower denture. I felt total confidence from the beginning, that I picked the right dentist. Dr. Salha makes sure you are not feeling anything, like a ballerina dancing everything goes well and the correct step always. You will be very happy. How many dentists call while on vacation in Paris to check how you are doing? He did that.
Five star plus
January 9, 2024

Dr. Fady Salha,We are 2 old ladies ( hearing Impaired) who needed dental work on our teeth… we still have them!! Walked right into the office (Parsons Smile Center) Where we met Linda office manager along with the dentist Fady Salha. We correspoded back and forth on paper. They were wonderful and so cooperative. We felt very comfortable with them. Then the dentist did some work on our teeth and were satisfied with him.

Margo Gillete and Judith Bernstein

My review of the Doctor and Sec are very helpful and caring and I would recommend all my friends to come in. He takes his time and effort.Diana Coyat

Good morning my angel. Thank you. No pain. -Joy