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Smile Makeover in NYC: A Smile Fit For Royalty

Want to feel like a king or queen? A smile makeover in NYC complete with crowns – dental crowns that is — is sure to make you feel like royalty every time you smile.

Recently, a patient came into Parsons Smile Center with a serious problem. All of her former crowns (that she had received from another provider) in the front of her mouth had failed. Two of the crowns were in the patient’s hand. She was in tears and completely mortified. She needed new teeth immediately because her son’s graduation party was that same day. She spoke to Dr. Fady Salha about one of her main concerns; she is on prescribed blood thinners and was concerned that her medication would prohibit her from getting implants.

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Is it safe to get dental implants while on blood thinners?

In most cases, it is safe to get dental implants if you are on blood thinners. Dr. Salha consulted with the patient’s doctor and followed his recommendations during the implant process. There were no complications during or after the procedure. The patient received both new dental implants and crowns.

Even though it usually is safe, we don’t take your health for granted. Every patient and procedure is different, so we will always be sure to speak to your doctor if you are on blood thinners before we perform dental implant surgery. Your physician and Dr. Salha will partner together to create the safest approach for you, and if you are on other medications that we should be aware of, please let us know in advance.

Dental Crowns vs. Dental Implants

What’s the difference between a crown and an implant?

To put it simply, a crown is a cap that replaces the top part of the tooth, while an implant is an artificial tooth root and cap. Dental implants are needed when a tooth cannot be saved, while crowns can save weakened, decayed, or compromised teeth. Dental crowns are also used in conjunction with root canals or to repair a broken or cracked tooth.

Are dental crowns and dental implants challenging to care for?

No! In fact, one of the real advantages of crowns and implants is that you don’t have to change your oral care routine. Care for your dental implants and crowns just as you would with your natural teeth by brushing and flossing twice daily.

Do missing teeth really need a dental implant?

The patient in this article had teeth missing in the front of her mouth, which made her extremely self-conscious. She needed dental implants both for functional and cosmetic reasons. But what if you have a missing tooth that isn’t visible when you smile? Is it recommended to get a dental implant?


If you don’t use another form of dental intervention, such as dentures or bridges, you must still fill in the space left by your missing tooth. Why?

  • Missing teeth make it difficult to eat and speak.
  • When you have an empty socket, that area of your jaw begins to atrophy and weaken.
  • Implants support a healthy bite and keep each tooth in place. Teeth begin to shift when a tooth is missing.

Get a Smile Makeover at Parsons Smile Center

Returning to our patient. Just look at those results! Her oral health has been dramatically improved by dental crowns and dental implants, she has full function of her bite, and she also has a gorgeous smile. Her teeth are beautiful, white, and straight — a smile fit for royalty!

If you’re curious if a smile makeover would benefit you, please contact our practice for a consultation. Dr. Salha and our entire staff are here to support your oral health and confidence to smile again!


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