Dental Crowns

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It’s inevitable—teeth weaken and break down over time. Tooth decay, physical trauma, tooth grinding, and simple aging can decrease the functionality and appearance of the smile. Dental crowns will strengthen worn down teeth and restore their dazzling appearance.

A tooth crown is a permanent device that is crafted to fit your uniquely affected tooth. Dental crowns are also known as teeth caps because they cover the entire visible portion of the damaged tooth.

Porcelain Crowns

Dr. Salha provides all-porcelain crowns that will elevate the look and health of your smile. They provide fresh material to the smile for increased support. Porcelain crowns are long-lasting and stain resistant. More importantly, we think you will be impressed by the convincingly natural aesthetic of these porcelain crowns.

Each tooth crown will:

  • Fortify the tooth, strengthening it against further damage
  • Improve the appearance of the smile, giving it a more even look

You can also replace a missing tooth using a tooth crown in combination with a dental implant.

Dr. Salha and his staff are the most professional people in the business. They make each visit comfortable and easy. You do not feel like you are going to the dentist but instead an old friend.

Dental Bridges and Tooth Crowns

A dental bridge is a permanent fixture that can replace one or more missing teeth. Each dental bridge includes an artificial tooth or several artificial teeth and two dental crowns. Your dental bridge will:

  • Fill in unsightly gaps left by missing teeth
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and becoming crooked
  • Give you a natural looking and attractive smile
  • Alleviate pressure and pain that can be caused from uneven pressure on the bite
  • Restore youthful and full facial structure

Your dental bridge will be made with beautiful dental crowns and replacement teeth that will make you feel proud of your smile. You will be able to bite and chew without discomfort again once we install your dental bridge.

If you are interested in a dental bridge or tooth crown, schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist. Call us at Parsons Smile Center today!

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